Recommendation of the real marketing theory Our consultancy specializes in the full development of viable brands, from strategy and concepts to design and integrated communications. This means that we can accompany the client in the entire process from the earliest stages of development to the execution. All our clients are building concept brands. The nature of each project is refreshingly different and for many projects we work closely together with other agencies and free agents around the globe. This way we can offer the best possible specialist team for each job and generate a continuous stream of fresh ideas. Japanese
Creating succcessful brands in a communication-oriented era Concept brands such as Nike, Benetton, Swatch and Virgin have paved the way for a new approach to branding and diversification. What is their secret? How can we create concept brands from scratch? How can we get the support of the entire organization? And what kind of business culture is needed to succeed? An inspiring and practical guide for those involved in brand innovation, brand or product development and marketing communication. Japanese
Creative structure : A beautiful flow to success The creation of strategically unique, creatively attractive and commercially profitable business ideas. Apart from brands, we also operate on a business level:
The concepting and positioning of the company and corporate brand itself. The development of a new brand identity. An identity is created from scratch and translated into the new product itself, all forms of communication and actions. The redefinition and revitalization of the brand. The new brand identity is translated into all forms of communication and actions such as new products and services.
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